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Online Certificate Course on Advanced Legal Drafting

About this Course

Formation of legal documents is the integral part to practice law and possessing good drafting skills is crucial for every lawyer. This course on advanced legal drafting is precisely developed to teach you to draft various types of legal documents. Drafting of each document is taught along with related practical and theoretical aspects.

The course follows a unique 'practice and learn' method in which you will be actually involved in preparing legal drafts by following the step by step guides provided for each type of document. This is a self-paced course, learners are free to study the course module and take the tests at their own time and convenience.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Legal Drafting
2. Drafting of Affidavits
3. Drafting of Agreements
4. Drafting Under Company Law
5. Drafting of Notices
6. Drafting of Deeds
7. Drafting and Review of Contracts

Course Fee: Rs. 4300 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year

Online Certificate Course on Intellectual Property Laws


This course on Intellectual Property is introduced keeping in mind the recent tog-of- war between countries and the uses of IP in the new concept of StartUp India. The course has been designed to introduce the people with the know-how of IP Laws and how to technically use the creations of your own mind without making any breach and to work for the benefit of your own. The aim of the course is to give a thorough understanding of the spherical circumference of the IP regime. You as a learner will get the core principles of the IP along with the theory and practice of the same.

Course Fee: 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year

Online Certificate Course on Cyber Laws

About this Course

Cyber Law is the relationship between the internet and the technology such as computers, cyberspace and the legal issues between them. The technological development has many benefits with regard to the day to day life but also has a lot of disadvantages. As we are depending on the computer generation more then the age old system, there lies many problems with the virtual space. Fraud, forgery, theft, misuse, defamation, sexually explicit content are some of the major issues that are dealt with the Cyber LawsCyber Crimes has been identified and a new branch of the administration has been deployed to stop the Cyber Crimes.
Cyber Law is the most important and niche area to develop the understanding and to attain the full knowledge of the same.  

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year 

Online Certificate Course on International Commercial Arbitration

About this Course

This course on International Commercial Arbitration explores the essential features of the process of Arbitration, which has emerged as the important dispute resolution mechanism in this growing International Economy. The course deals with the legal framework of the International Commercial Arbitration, Role of Arbitrators, Arbitral Agreements and the Arbitral proceedings along with enforcement and recognition of Arbitral Awards and the method of appeal, change or challenge of the Arbitral Awards.

The course has been prepared by the research team at RostrumLegal. Our team members have gained experience in the subject from The Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration, The Dubai International Financial Center, The University of Melbourne, The World Trade Institute and National University of Study and Research in Law.

Course Curriculum

1. An Overview of International Commercial Arbitration
2. Legal Framework of International Commercial Arbitration
3. Arbitration Agreements
4. Arbitral Proceedings
5. The Role and Standards of Conduct of Arbitrators
6. Awards and Remedies under International Commercial Arbitration
7. Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
8. Appeal, Challenge and Modifications of Awards
9. An Overview of International Commercial Arbitration Laws of India
10. A Comparative Overview of Domestic International Commercial Arbitration Laws of Various Countries

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year 

Online Certificate Course on Law of Corporate and Financial Crimes

About this Course

This Course on Law of Corporate and Financial Crimes will firstly deal with the concept of evolution of the corporations. The course will later deal with legal regime of Corporate Criminal Liability in the United Kingdom, the United States and in India. The course also includes a case study on the biggest corporate scams in these three countries.

This course is prepared in a lucid manner and is easy to go course for law students. This will also prove to be helpful to legal professionals working in the corporate sector.

Course Curriculum

1. Types of Business Entities in India
2. Introduction to Corporations and Corporate Criminal Liability
3. Corporate Criminal Liability in India
4. Corporate Criminal Liability in UK
5. Corporate Criminal Liability in USA
6. Case Studies on Corporate Crimes in U.K., U.S. and India

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year

Online Certificate Course on International Investment Law and Arbitration

About this Course

This course aims to introduce the students to the public international law standards for the treatment of foreign investments and the resolution of investment-related disputes. This course also intends at introducing the students to the core principles of international investment law and investment dispute settlement system. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of international investment law and dispute settlement principles and practice.

This course has been prepared by the research team at RostrumLegal. Our team members have gained experience in the subject from The Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration, The University of Melbourne, the World Trade Institute and National University of Study and Research in Law.

Course Curriculum

2. Investor - State Disputes
3. Standards of Treatment
4. Expropriation of Investment
5. National Treatment and Most Favoured National Treatment
6. Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET)
7. Umbrella Clauses in Bilateral Investment Treaties
8. Dispute Settlement through Investment Treaty Arbitration
9. Reforms and Trends of Investment in International Investment Agreements

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year 

Online Certificate Course on World Trade Organisation and Dispute Settlement

About this Course

This course on WTO & Dispute Settlement will not only deal with the evolution of the body but also how does each wing of WTO works, and what are the mechanism by which the disputes are settled internationally. The course will also help you in understanding the major trade barriers and the agreements which are signed by the countries and how do the negotiations are made to settle the dispute if arising out of any breach or provisions of the contracts.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to WTO and WTO Dispute Settlement
2. Development of WTO Dispute Settlement System: How it came into play?
3. The Bodies involved in WTO Dispute Settlement System
4. The Jurisprudence Behind Legal Disputes
5. WTO Dispute Settlement: The Process - Part - I
6. Participation in WTO Dispute Settlement System
7. Evolution and Development of WTO Dispute Settlement System

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year

Online Certificate Course on Drafting of Writ Petition

About this Course

The Supreme Court and the High Courts can issue various types of directions, orders or warrants. These directions, orders or warrants are called writs. A petition to issue a writ can be filed under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution in the Supreme Court of India and under Article 226 in any of the High Courts.  Writ petitions play a crucial role in various cases relating to enforcement of fundamental rights and also in public interest litigation. It is very important for a lawyer to know the proper way of drafting a writ petition and also the relevant law governing the facts and procedures.

This course will enable you to precisely draft writ petitions. The course will also deliver an insight on the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India and the role of writ petitions to enforce such fundamentals rights. The legal drafting part in this course will be delivered with the use of videos and hypothetical facts and drafting exercises.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Constitution of India
2. Fundamental Rights under Constitution of India
3. Different Types of Writs and Indian Constitution
4. Drafting of Writ Petitions

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year

Online Certificate Course on Corporate Social Responsibility

About this Course

A properly implemented Corporate Social responsibility concept can bring along a variety of competitive advantages, such as enhanced access to capital and markets, increased sales and profits, operational cost savings, improved productivity and quality, efficient human resource base, improved brand image and reputation, enhanced customer loyalty, better decision-making, and risk management processes.

This course will prove extremely helpful for Students & Professionals from Legal & Managerial backgrounds. The purpose of this certificate Course is to provide the learner with an experience-based, integrative exposure to this emerging and dynamic field of business practice. The purpose of this Certificate Course is to provide students, Lawyers, NGOs, International Organizations and Governments who are currently involved or would like to get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, an experience-based, integrative exposure to this emerging and dynamic field of business practice.

Course Curriculum

1. Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility
2. Historical Evolution of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility
3. Push Factor for Organisation to become more Socially Responsible
4. International & National Policies relating to CSR
5. Companies Act, 2013 & CSR
6. Conclusion

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year

Online Certificate Course on Consumer Protection Litigation

About this Course

Every year 10 million cases are registered in the different forums all over the country and these forums dispose around only 30% of such cases each year. This course is important for all those who do not want to get into the hardcore practice of law in courts but wants to impart their advocacy skills for the rights of common people. This course is also important for non-lawyers who wish to learn about their rights and gain access to justice in the area of law.

After completing this course the learner can work as consumer activist in the industrial sector, with NGOs and government departments on consumer affairs. A learner will also be eligible to work in Law Firms and  Inhouse legal teams of companies dealing with issues relating to Consumer Protection Laws.

Course Curriculum

1. Nature & Evolution of Consumer Laws
2. Important Concepts of Consumer Protection
3. Understanding Who is a 'Consumer'?
4. Laws relating to 'Unfair Trade Practices'
5. Laws Governing Defects in Goods & Commodities and Deficiency in Services
6. Enforcement of Consumer Rights
7. How to Become a Smart Consumer?

Course Fee: Rs. 1700 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year

Online Certificate Course on Competition Law of India

About this Course

Competition Law has placed itself in a crucial role in the regulatory framework of the country in a very short span of time. The industrial watchdog i.e. the Competition Commission of India has become a complex and strict body which makes sure that all the rules and regulations of the competition law have to be followed. The rise in Foreign Direct Investment has given an opportunity to the commission to get hold of the industries and to put heavy fines for non-compliance. The role of competition commission has been identified as a strict regulator in the past seven years. The mergers & acquisitions and the increase in trade in business in the developing economy have many loopholes which are favourable for the industries. The strict competition law compliance has made these loopholes a not so easy road to travel.

This course on competition law will deal with the evolution of competition law in India and its historical background. It will also cover how the Competition Commission has become a strict regulator and how the capital market is working in coping up with the strict competition law compliance. It will also give an overview of the role and responsibilities of the Director General and the Competition Commission in terms of the competition regime in India.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Competition Law
2. Important Aspects of the Competition Act, 2002
3. The Competition Commission of India & The Director General to Investigate Contraventions
4. Cross Border Mergers vis-a-vis Indian Competition Law
5. Competition Law and Various Industrial Sectors
6. Comparative Analysis of US, EU and Indian Competition Laws

Course Fee: Rs. 3400 INR
Course Duration: 1 Year