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Course Curriculum

Section I
Introduction to Legal Drafting 02:00:00
Drafting of Notices 02:00:00
Draft a Legal Notice and a Consumer Complaint in District Consumer Forum 00:00:00
Drafting of Affidavits 02:00:00
Draft an Affidavit for Purpose of a Institution of Court Case 00:00:00
Drafting of Agreements 02:00:00
Draft a Service Provider Agreement for your Company 00:00:00
Draft a Legal Notice for Disbursement of Pending Salary of your Client 00:00:00
Civil Pleadings 00:00:00
Procedure to institute a Suit 00:00:00
Drafting Under Company Law
Drafting under Company Law 02:00:00
Drafting of Article of Association (AOA) 00:00:00
Drafting of Memorandum of Association (MoA) 00:00:00
Drafting of Circular Letters 00:00:00
Drafting of Deeds
Law Governing a Sale Deed 00:00:00
Drafting of Deeds 02:00:00
Drafting and Review of Contracts 02:00:00
Section II - Assessment
Advanced Legal Drafting – Online Test 01:00:00


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The workshop on drafting and review of commercial contracts makes anyone to get updated and learn about the intricacies of the drafting exercises which become out of the box for all. I learned about negotiation skills which I think I can try professionally in a real world scenario.

Subramaniam S

Student, School of Law, Sastra University
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