Course Curriculum

Section I
Introduction to Legal Drafting 02:00:00
Drafting of Notices 02:00:00
Draft a Legal Notice and a Consumer Complaint in District Consumer Forum 00:00:00
Drafting of Affidavits 02:00:00
Draft an Affidavit for Purpose of a Institution of Court Case 00:00:00
Drafting of Agreements 02:00:00
Draft a Service Provider Agreement for your Company 00:00:00
Draft a Legal Notice for Disbursement of Pending Salary of your Client 00:00:00
Civil Pleadings 00:00:00
Procedure to institute a Suit 00:00:00
Drafting Under Company Law
Drafting under Company Law 02:00:00
Drafting of Article of Association (AOA) 00:00:00
Drafting of Memorandum of Association (MoA) 00:00:00
Drafting of Circular Letters 00:00:00
Drafting of Deeds
Law Governing a Sale Deed 00:00:00
Drafting of Deeds 02:00:00
Drafting and Review of Contracts 02:00:00
Section II - Assessment
Advanced Legal Drafting – Online Test 01:00:00


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This is a great learning platform. Everything is explained in detail and it facilitates understanding of the crucial elements of the subjects. The courses are diversified too.

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