Copyright Laws: A Boundation to Mass Education by Kartik Arora

The Author: Kartik Arora is a law Student studying at Symbiosis Law School, Pune


As we all know that education is foundation of any nation. It is said that “knowledge is the light of the nation”. This concept has been also been recognized by Universal Declaration On Human Rights, that education is the only key which can make an individual active in the society[i]. In the words of Chief Justice Waite of the Supreme Court of America “the very plea of a government, republican in form, implies a right on the part of citizens to meet peaceably for consultation in respect of public affairs” and “the purpose of public meetings being the education of the public[ii]”.  It creates awareness in the society and also changes the perception of an individual. Education moulds and shapes the overall behavior of an individual; the basic aim of education is to develop a valuable personality in an individual. The definition of education differs from age to age, from person to person because every person has different educational practices, as one emphasized on one aspect while other emphasized on the other aspects.

Right to education is a fundamental right according to the Constitution of India.

Earlier, the right to education was stated under Directive Principle of State Policy but know it has been enshrined as a fundament right under Article 21 Right to life. According, to this article right to life means that every faculty through life is enjoyed are protected even; the feeling and thinking of an individual are also protected under this article. This article covers all the basic necessities of which are required for the survival of an individual like “adequate nutrition, clothing and shelter and facilities for reading, writing and expressing oneself in diverse form”.[1]

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