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Do you dream of becoming an Arbitrator or a Lawyer in a billion dollar international commercial dispute?


Arbitration in today’s globalised world has become a tool for avoiding the lengthy Court proceedings and the out of Court settlement has become a new trend in the area of International Commercial Dispute Settlement. Disputes of all types and values are nowadays resolved by using different alternative dispute resolution methods. The non-interference of the judicial system and the preference of one’s own choice of formation of law in the era of International Investment and Trade has given a boost to international commercial arbitration. Both corporations and governments are engaged in disputes having an international element.

This course on International Commercial Arbitration explores the essential features of the process of Arbitration, which has emerged as the important dispute resolution mechanism in this growing International Economy. The course deals with the legal framework of the International Commercial Arbitration, Role of Arbitrators, Arbitral Agreements and the Arbitral proceedings along with enforcement and recognition of Arbitral Awards and the method of appeal, change or challenge of the Arbitral Awards.

The course has been prepared by the research team at RostrumLegal. Our team members have gained experience in the subject from The Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration, The Dubai International Financial Center, The University of Melbourne, The World Trade Institute and National University of Study and Research in Law.


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Why is the Course Important?

International Commercial Arbitration has become a part of the multi-billion dollar international dispute resolution industry. According to the World Trade Organisation, in 2015 itself the value of cross-border trade transaction was estimated to be more than US $18 TRILLION. Some of the arbitration disputes publicly listed at the International Chamber of Commerce were individually valued at more than US $2 BILLION. Top tier law firms around the world are intensely focusing on developing and improving their practice of international commercial arbitration and lawyers with an expertise in this area are in high demand.


Law students who are top performers in this course will be given a paid research internship opportunity at RostrumLegal, Bangalore in the months of June – July and December – January. Apart from the internship, you will get a CV and Cover Letter Review and Telephonic Support for Applying for Jobs, Internships and Foreign LLM Courses.


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How does it Work?

Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring recorded videos, quizzes and projects.

In-course Help
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Course Duration: 3 Months

Mode of Study: Online

Number of Modules: Eight

Mode of Assessment: Online Test

Type of Questions: Objective/ Multiple Choice

Duration of Test: 1 Hour

Passing Criteria: Score 50% Marks

Course Certificate: Online/PDF

High achieving students in this course will be recognised as Certified Honors Student. The honours badge will be issued to students scoring more than 80 percent in the online test.



Important Resources
International Commercial Arbitration Resources 00:00:00
International Commercial Arbitration - Basic Concepts
An Overview of International Commercial Arbitration 02:00:00
Legal Framework of International Commercial Arbitration 00:00:00
Arbitration Agreements 00:00:00
Arbitral Proceedings 00:00:00
The Role and Standards of Conduct of Arbitrators 00:00:00
Awards and Remedies under International Commercial Arbitration 00:00:00
Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards 00:00:00
Appeal, Challenge and Modification of Awards 00:00:00
International Commercial Arbitration - Domestic Legal Regimes
An Overview of International Commercial Arbitration Laws of India 00:00:00
A Comparative Overview of Domestic International Commercial Arbitration Laws of Various Countries 00:00:00
International Commercial Arbitration – Online Test 01:00:00

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