Criminalizing romance; Why do we need to create new category of crimes?

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Prof. (Dr.) G. P. Tripathi
MATS Law School, Raipur

Life is surety of death. It is at mercy of death. Life starts with wake up in each day and ends with sleeps each night. Whether one would wake up is beyond one’s control. So end up each day as if that is the end and thank God when you get another day. Day is for action, might is for romance. No one can cut shart this natural phenomenon. Let us train our mind to finish up the day enjoying complete and in order so that your successor may pick it up from there. This is reality. Keep in view and criminality would appear less. It is well known that deviations would be there but no doubt, it would regulate a bit. When you once realized that time is short or there is no time, value of time is actually realized and available time is properly utilized. Crime is creation of empty mind, It is deviation. Rape is product of time and circumstances. Just come out of these. There would be no rape. For deviations, one cannot spoil those moments that are for romance. Romance is regulated by institutions of marriage and family.

Five basic truths that are mysterious to the people are[i]; Science of God, Jiva (constitutional position of living entities), Prakriti (material nature), time (Kal duration of existence of whole Universe or manifestation of Prakriti) and Karma (Activity). First three are eternal, permanent, non-changing; fourth is semi permanent and 5th is changing and temporary; creates results; pain or pleasure, (material nature). The material nature expresses in three modes qualities, all embodied souls are under the control of these three qualities (modes); goodness, passion and ignorance (Sat, Rajas and Tamas). All the three are in every living entity. It is matter of time (Kal) as to which prevails when. A crime is committed when ‘tamoguna’ (Passion) dominates. Men become ‘Rakshas’ (demon). Kal (time and place) plays vital role in what dominates when. ‘kal’ includes time, place and the circumstances of incident. Crimes against women are controlled and are producing time (kal).

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July 19, 2016

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