Food and Security: The Two Aspects of Mid-Day Meals


Human civilization emerged from food. Man became civilized due to food. The need for food provided a platform for other inventions and developments of human life. Food determines a culture and a description for a group, a community and a society. Food is also a justification between general and specific entitlements. It is the existence of food which has survived other necessities of life. It also plays a very important role in ethical decision making.  And, moreover, food has been accepted by all. Food is a mode of attaining nutrition too; but in the genuine sense it imparts life, senses and new developments in the most eternal manner. Also the concepts like food sovereignty have come into being. Food is a very important aspect of human life. It determines our character, our behaviour and most importantly, our occupation. We live for food and are living for food only. Food is the treasure which we always try to keep secure; sometimes in actual or, sometimes in anticipatory mode. Interestingly, food is the only object which has taken the most diverse forms. Food is not only science; it is also a social science, too. Various judgments of human thinking are linked with food resting in our stomachs. In the words of science, food makes your body work, grow and repair it. The kind of food one eats affects the efficiency of one’s body processes. We are able to perform all our mental and physical tasks well all due to food intake. Food ensures the various essential elements like minerals, vitamins, proteins in the body.  Body function and the food that sustains it is infinitely complex. Food is in fact one of the most complicated sets of chemicals imaginable. Food is inevitable; food is life. Food is the right of all and everybody should be ensured food. Food is the confidence and the source of power which is in reality responsible for the continuity of human race.

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July 19, 2016

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