“Is the Internet the new Wild Wild West?”


The advent of computers has been a boom to students, lawyers, businessmen, doctors, teachers….and lastly criminals. Unauthorised access and damage to property, theft, and the distribution of obscene and indecent materials are all kinds of familiar crimes; and have assumed new dimensions with the emergence of internet. The internet is fast becoming a way of life for millions of people.[1] However it is also being transformed into haven for criminals as the crime rates on internet is increasing at an alarming rate each day which will be discussed further.

There have been various kinds of computer and internet related crimes. The most common amongst these is the use of viruses to corrupt or destroy data stored in computer systems. These viruses can be attached to e mails, FTPed programmes, etc. Other forms of crimes such as fraud, robbery and forgery also exist in cyber world. Bogus schemes on the internet have already robbed many people of a vast amount of money. The internet also makes defamation, assault on a person’s character, and many more. In fact with the growth of crimes through internet it is directly proportional to the growth cyber world and reason of its potential threat on our society of various crimes that can be committed and attempted.

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July 19, 2016

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